Apesar dos meus incansáveis esforços, ainda não temos um “Dia do DBA”. Mas ao menos já temos quadrinhos! Não percam os quadrinhos sobre as aventuras de um DBA Oracle Jr. A dica veio do Sr. Robert Treat no Planet PostgreSQL.

ATUALIZAÇÃO (22/12/2012):

Infelizmente o link está quebrado e não achei nenhuma nova referência aos quadrinhos no google.

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  1. Hello,

    (Sorry for the spam)

    You might be interested in using the “snowflake query” diagrams generated with the “Reverse Snowflake Joins” open source tool. You can find a presentation at http://revj.sourceforge.net

    The tool parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram. It shows parts of the underlying SQL directly in the diagram. For example x=30 , GROUP BY (year), SUM(sales), HAVING MIN(age) > 18.

    The primary reason for the tool was to avoid cartesian joins and loops in SQL written by hand, with many joined tables. The database will execute such a syntactically correct statement , even though it is not what the user intended to get.


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